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Blocked January 3, 2012

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nowadays, i have nothing to blog about…. it is a blog’s block?

i can’t say what i need to say.   i can’t do what i want to do.

So? what’s there to blog about anymore?   i used to say that this blog is my ONLY venting outlet.   it can’t be my venting outlet anymore … so there is no point in keeping it.  i am very much a dr Mahathir.  things that are not useful or burden to me, i will remove – to cut loses.

i am shutting it down.


a brand new year for me December 28, 2011

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i have been busy.  too busy to blog.  too busy even to have time for myself.  Sometimes, i looked into the mirror and all i could see is STUPIDITY. 

i have decided to rebuild my life.  i was told to love myself first.  That’s what i am going to do.  i want to go back to work.   This will be my new year goal.   jai you!


Have not been posting … December 2, 2011

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that does not mean that i have not been writing….

even with my imperfect writing skill and broken English, writing in this blog has been one of my venting outlets (sometimes, it is the only one i got).   Lately, i have written quite a few that were not posted.  i have been penning down my feelings and yet have not the courage to click on the Publish button.

Also haven been busy with the boys and the Princess.   (That reminds me that i have not been updating her photo blog too!  -.-lll )

Since the school holidays begin, KZ has been skipping school.  Well, he is in the childcare, so there is not such thing as school holidays.  However, since KJ is not schooling, i also pulled KZ out of school to enjoy the holidays.   We went swimming, feasting at Ahjisan Noodle shop, playing Animal Kaiser, going Ikea, baking cup cakes, making cookies, etc

For the past week, Princess has been ill.  Her nose was so blocked that she had not been drinking milk (difficult to suck with a blocked nose).  She lost her chubby cheeks in less than a week.   She has not been sleeping well too.  I have been camping in her room for the past week.   Now, that she is recovering, i just have to play by ear.  If i am lucky, she will sleep thru the night.  If i am not, i will have to camp in her room till morning.   Another to note at, Princess has turned into one red hot chilli padi.   Well, who can blame her?!!!  She has to survive in this jungle with her two elder monkey brothers!

Last monday, i brought my helper to register for her course.   She is starting school in January 2012!!!!  Yippeee!  I am happy for her to have this opportunity.  Hope she is too and will study hard to make full use of this course.   The registrar was kind enough to let us looked thru the name list of the students.  She saw a few fellow Indonesians.  Hope that will put mind at ease that she is not the only Indonesian as the course is quite popular with Filipino domestic helpers.

KJ is going for his Taiji Exchange Competition on this Sunday.  Yes!!!!  his first competition!   It is a pity his father is not going to be there to support him.  Chairman has flew to Shanghai.   He had missed KJ’s start of school year at the beginning of 2011.   He brushed off the “Back to School with Dad” program that the school organised on the 1st day of school.  Then, I was upset but i talked myself out of it by reminding myself that Chairman had to be working very hard to earn a living for the family.   That was the old me.   This time, we had a big fight over his trip to China.  I do not think that anything can be more important than your own son’s first competition!   At last, i lost the fight…  so, this sunday is just me and my camera to support my little hero.   Win or lose, he is already my hero.

KZ had completed level 7 of Jelic Program (for developing “Brain Power Engine”…. anyway, it is just an enrichment to occupy his time).  He is now moved on to MPM, together with KJ.   Proud of his achievement too!  😀


Results November 16, 2011

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Received KJ’s report book.  He did well for all subjects.  Glad that he is happy with his results.   I am happy too.  Then came the news that the class that he is promoted to is the best in pri 3 level.

Don’t be mistaken that i am talking “wind breeze words” (风凉话), but i am not too pleased with that.   KJ is not someone who is consistent with work.  He really really pushed himself very hard for this examination.   How am i going to tell him that he is to push himself just as hard or even harder and yet he will never get to the first 3 positions.   Now, in primary schools, there is this called Honors Day when only the tops get on stage to receive prizes.  The rest – no need to attend school.   You are thinking that “that’s good right? those who dun get on stage no need to feel the pinch on that day what!!! and still get one more school holidays than the so called top students”

Wrong!  before the Honors Day, all students are made to sit in the hall to see the “rehearsal” of the Honors Day.   Do schools care about the emotional development of students ? i doubt so….    Last year, KJ came home depressed after seeing his best friend “rehearsing” on stage to receive prize.   Even thou he was then the 10th in class (second best in the level), he told me he felt he was the “infinity last of the class”.   I was perturbed by his expression.  How did he know the meaning of “Infinity”.    I only studied the meaning of that word in ….????  poly….???

Then, i had encouraged him to do better for the next year so that he too could go on stage.   This year, even though he had pushed soooo hard on himself, he came in as 5th in the class.   Well, closer to the top three position but still cannot get to the stage yet.    So, next year, he will be in the top class with the top cream.   Not that i am down looking at my son, but those students in there are of different calibre.   It is a cut-throat situation, where students do not aim for 90 marks and above.   They are going for the full marks.   how am i going to tell him that there is nothing to aim for anymore ….

i do not need a top student as a son.  i want a son who is happy studying for his education.   So, apart from me studying my new subject for next year (science), i need to pay more attention on his emotion development.   i have to continue to encourage him to work hard and yet shield him from the unnecessary peers pressure…. haiz…

School life has never been so stressful till my own son went to school.  One more year, KZ will be primary one too…. by then i will have DOUBLE stress.   (lets not talk about mei mei yet…. ok!!!)



till death do us part (ver 2) November 8, 2011

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It is a totally different feeling when i did the previous entry of the same title.     Lives have changed so much in just these few weeks… same environment, but different feelings.    Share this song with you.

家后 means wife.   This is a hokkien song that a wife sang to her husband.  I have included the chinese and English translation to the hokkien lyrics.  (Both translations are not of my creation)     Hope you enjoy….

作詞:鄭進一 作曲:鄭進一

有一日咱若老 找無人甲咱有孝
If there is a day when both of us are old, and there is no children by our side

我會陪你坐惦椅寮 聽你講少年的時袸你有外賢
Sitting on a bench, I will accompany you,
listening to your younger days stories,

食好食歹無計較 怨天怨地嗎袂曉
rich or poor, i do not care.   never to blame heaven and earth

你的手 我會甲你牽條條 因為我是你的家後
your hand, I will not let go, because I am your wife

阮將青春嫁治恁兜 阮對少年隨你隨甲老
I have given my youth to your family, from young till old, I will follow you

人情世事已經看透透 有啥人比你卡重要
I have seen through all feelings of life and matters,  nothing beats your importance

阮的一生獻乎恁兜 才知幸福是吵吵鬧鬧
I have given you my whole life, to find out happiness is actually squabbles and bickerings

等待返去的時袸若到 我會讓你先走
When it is time to leave, I will let you go first

因為我會不甘 放你 為我目屎流
Because I will never bear to leave you alone, to cry for me

有一日咱若老 有媳婦子兒有孝
If there is a day when we are both old, there are children by our side

你若無聊 拿咱的相片 看卡早結婚的時袸你外緣投
Whenever you are bored, let’s bring out the wedding pictures and look at how handsome you were

穿好穿歹無計較 怪東怪西嗎袂曉
Rich or poor, not a care, never to blame on small trivial things

你的心 我會永遠記條條 因為我是你的家後
Your heart will forever remain in mine, because I am your wife

阮將青春嫁治恁兜 阮對少年隨你隨甲老
I have given my youth to your family, from young till old, I will follow you

人情世事已經看透透 有啥人比你卡重要
I have seen through all feelings of life and matters, nothing surpasses your importance in me

阮的一生獻乎恁兜 才知幸福是吵吵鬧鬧
I have given you my whole life, to find out happiness is actually squabbles and bickerings

等待返去的時袸若到 你著讓我先走
When it is time to leave, please let me go first

因為我嘛不甘 看你 為我目屎流
Because I will not bear to look at you drop your tears for me



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死生契阔,与子成说。   执子之手,与子偕老。


Halloween fun 2011 November 3, 2011

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Yes! We did it again!  Halloween at Woodlands Woodgrove estate.    It was a really crazy day where the boys and girls (mei mei, Dwi and Grandma Yeong) enjoyed.   🙂