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return to chaos September 14, 2011

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i am happy to return to the usual chaos routine.

My maid is back from Indonesia.   She brought back tons of delicious Raya goodies.   They are now on my dinner table as if we are celebrating Rari Raya ourselves.   The goodies are all homemade by Dwi, her mother or her grandmother.   I am glad she enjoyed herself with this home leave.  She deserves a good break.

She actually did not want to renew her contract with us after her current contract ends in December.  I was mentally prepared to look for another maid.    In June, i threw the idea of studying to her.   If she is to renew her contract, i will sponsor her study at Aidha.   The education opportunity seems to entice her and she decided to stay on.  Her only request is to go home for Rari Raya.   Well, it was a tough decision to make for her to go back home during school time but i don’t find this an unreasonable request.

We happily booked her air ticket, helped her to buy things for her homecoming, happily sent her to airport.   I wanted her to leave for home happily and that she knows that we will miss her.   i remembered when i used to apply leave from work, my ex-ex-boss would give me long black face and the day before my leave, she would say something like “actually… tomorrow is not a good day for you to take leave… aiyah… tsk tsk… nevermind lah…tsk tsk”.   Till this day, i still remembered her every word.    I do not want to do that to my own worker.

After two weeks, she came back with all the Raya goodies and eggs!!!!  All these eggs are laid from her kampong hens.   All are ready to be little chicks… my boys were excited.  My mother too….  🙂

Alpha helped the boys to make a cozy nest for the eggs.   And now i am “heart pain” with the electricity consumption that is using to hatch the eggs…..


One Response to “return to chaos”

  1. mamapower Says:

    btw, i can’t wait for the little chicks to come… we ate the eggs ….

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