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Results November 16, 2011

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Received KJ’s report book.  He did well for all subjects.  Glad that he is happy with his results.   I am happy too.  Then came the news that the class that he is promoted to is the best in pri 3 level.

Don’t be mistaken that i am talking “wind breeze words” (风凉话), but i am not too pleased with that.   KJ is not someone who is consistent with work.  He really really pushed himself very hard for this examination.   How am i going to tell him that he is to push himself just as hard or even harder and yet he will never get to the first 3 positions.   Now, in primary schools, there is this called Honors Day when only the tops get on stage to receive prizes.  The rest – no need to attend school.   You are thinking that “that’s good right? those who dun get on stage no need to feel the pinch on that day what!!! and still get one more school holidays than the so called top students”

Wrong!  before the Honors Day, all students are made to sit in the hall to see the “rehearsal” of the Honors Day.   Do schools care about the emotional development of students ? i doubt so….    Last year, KJ came home depressed after seeing his best friend “rehearsing” on stage to receive prize.   Even thou he was then the 10th in class (second best in the level), he told me he felt he was the “infinity last of the class”.   I was perturbed by his expression.  How did he know the meaning of “Infinity”.    I only studied the meaning of that word in ….????  poly….???

Then, i had encouraged him to do better for the next year so that he too could go on stage.   This year, even though he had pushed soooo hard on himself, he came in as 5th in the class.   Well, closer to the top three position but still cannot get to the stage yet.    So, next year, he will be in the top class with the top cream.   Not that i am down looking at my son, but those students in there are of different calibre.   It is a cut-throat situation, where students do not aim for 90 marks and above.   They are going for the full marks.   how am i going to tell him that there is nothing to aim for anymore ….

i do not need a top student as a son.  i want a son who is happy studying for his education.   So, apart from me studying my new subject for next year (science), i need to pay more attention on his emotion development.   i have to continue to encourage him to work hard and yet shield him from the unnecessary peers pressure…. haiz…

School life has never been so stressful till my own son went to school.  One more year, KZ will be primary one too…. by then i will have DOUBLE stress.   (lets not talk about mei mei yet…. ok!!!)



4 Responses to “Results”

  1. MOH Says:

    Who can beat me? I was so HAPPY when I was 32nd out of 38 students in Pri 1 only to have your grandfather almost spitting at me in disgust.

    The only time I went on stage was because a stupid prefect said that I was talking during silent reading time and forced me to stand on stage with other ‘talkers’ as a punishment.

    You were in P 6A (best class) and I was in 6E (second last class) remember? It’s always good to go to a better class because the vibes are different. I feel that it’s better to be the middle or behind of a good class than to be a top in the end class.

    But you have to constantly remind him that he is already in the top class and he is already a very good student. And a good student not only studies well but is also good in sports (which he is very good at) and other things.

  2. mamapower Says:

    the most unhappiest time of my primary school life was during my pri 2A, 5A and 6A. Notice all the presence of As?!!!
    my happiest time was in pri 3D …. notice the absent of As????!!!

    • MOH Says:

      I guess I was unhappy because outsiders like parents think I am doing so badly in the second last class. But you are right, considering class time only, I had a good time in 6E. 🙂

  3. mamapower Says:

    i am not saying i want him to be in the lowest class. He is in the 2nd best class, i just wish he stays there. But you are right about the vibes thing. below are the sms from his form teacher:
    “i seriously think that this is a good exposure for him. If you put KJ in other classes, he may get bored. He can also talk to pupils with the same calibre. And KJ tends to be very relax and takes things easily. So if he goes to 3F, at least we can hope that he can take his work more seriously. If KJ is in the best class, he gets to learn more things.”

    after which, the teacher still called me to persuade me. And we are supposed to talk again this Sunday afternoon. This teacher is very responsible. I am happy that KJ has been well taken care of for the past 2 years.

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