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About Mr. Chairman January 31, 2009

ChairMan (CM) of the house.

  • MMP’s boss.
  • Thinks highly of himself.   BIG ego man.  (just in case if he is reading this)
  • Does not pay his staff well. (er… better cancel this too… else i might not even get my pay !)
  • A good son.
  • A good brother.
  • Probably a good father when he is free from work.
  • A so-so husbandProbably a good husband when he remarry – to another woman of course!  😛
    Definiately a fantastic husband!     (aiming for a good year end bonus!  kekekekeke)

Most touching moments:

  • I was scheduled for c-section on saturday, 22 May.   On wednesday, he brought me to see dr Kowa for the last checkup, took me to eat japanses food at Paragon as the last couple meal before the arrival of the baby.   Thursday, he went back office to settle his work.   On friday morning, he told me that he is mine for the whole day.    i was beaming for that whole day.   That day, to anyone who asked why was he not working, he told them that his wife was going to due for delivery, he must stay by her side….   i felt so special.    i know i am pathetic, but for someone who hardly get such attention from the husband, this is one very special day to remember.
  • still waiting…..

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