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Roseola virus August 25, 2011

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Princess had fever for the past few days. 

After 4 days of rocking, holding and carrying my girl continuously, sleeping on the floor in her room, rocking her to sleep, trying to be comforting when she is crying and irritable … blots of pink rashes blossomed all over her.

ironically, this is a good sign!  Of course, before i googled it, i thought she had contacted something serious.   i was panicking.

Oh well…the body works in mysterious ways, I guess.

So, i decided to do an entry on this illness so that parents of young children can be informed and will not panick like me.     🙂


Roseola is an acute disease of infants and young children in which a high fever and skin rash occur.

Causes, incidence, and risk factors

The disease is common in children ages 3 months to 4 years, and most common in those ages 6 months to 1 year. It is caused by a virus called human herpes virus 6 (HHV-6), although similar syndromes are possible with other viruses.

Roseola occurs throughout the year. The time between becoming infected and the beginning of symptoms (incubation period) is 5 to 15 days.


The child may have a runny nose, sore throat, and eye redness.

A fever usually occurs before the rash appears. It lasts for 3 (sometimes up to 7) days. The fever may be as high as 105° Fahrenheit.

The child should be given medication – such as paracetamol and ibuprofen (eg Nurofen for children) –  to control the fever and to help with any associated aches and pains.Between the second and fourth day of the illness, the fever drops and a rash appears (often as the fever falls).

  • The rash starts on the trunk and spreads to the limbs, neck, and face. The rash is pink or rose-colored, and has fairly small sores that are slightly raised.
  • The rash lasts from a few hours to 2 – 3 days. It usually does not itch.

Other symptoms include:

  • Irritability
  • High fever that comes on quickly

Signs and tests

  • Physical exam of rash
  • Swollen lymph nodes on the neck (cervical nodes) or back of the scalp (occipital nodes)


There is no specific treatment. The disease usually gets better without complications.

Throughout her fever, I did not bring her to see the doctor.  I only gave paracetamol or nurofen to control the fever.   Roseola is a virus infection.  No antibiotics will work against it.   The body has to fight the battle herself.   I was glad that I did not bring her to see the doctor (thou, i was skeptical initially), else the GP would probably give her a dose of antibiotics, which would do more harm than good in this case.

Take steps to control a fever with paracetamol and cool sponge baths. If convulsions occur, call your health care provider, or go to the closest emergency room.


The viruses that cause roseola are spread either through fecal-oral contact or via airborne droplets. Careful handwashing can help prevent the spread of these viruses.


The above information is taken from PubMed Health.


“ma ma” August 7, 2011

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Princess said “ma ma” …. while looking at me….

She made my day life….


Bring out the kids! June 29, 2011

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Now that there are 3 of them, getting them for any outdoor activities is a huge event.

lots of things to be packed.  🙂

Usually, given the time to arrive at the destination, i will announce the time to leave the house at1.5hr before arrival time.    i will give everyone (including myself) 1 hour to prepare – such as packing, bathing, clearing bowel(ssss), etc.  [the 4 ‘s’ stands for 4 persons – or should i say 3 children and 1 adult]

And we usually end up late.   😛

Nothing surprising when i mentioned that the two boys fight.   However, be very surprised that the Princess is no lame princess.   She is a tough gal in dresses.   Give her a few more years, i am sure the boys are no match for her – in scheming or in fisting.

Now, i just sit back and enjoy my earplugs in my ears to muffle out the screaming children.


random June 7, 2011

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Nursing the Princess:

I have been having thoughts of stopping breastfeeding.  Princess is not latching on during the day.   She looks at my naked boobs as if they are so disgusting.   Feeling hurt from her rejection.   However, during the midnite feed (hardly nowadays) and early morning feed (when the sky is still very dark), she will feed with enthusiastic.   Dr Belinda said that is normal.  “she got lots better things to do during day time so she makes it up during the nights.”    ……   😦

Forest Adventure @ Bedok Reservoir:

The boys had their first try on trees climbing.  They had a marvelous time.   After his therapy sessions, KZ seems to be more confident and has overcome his fear of height.  He was able to complete the whole course with his kor kor following closely behind and papa, mama encouraging him below (the trees!).   He showed us that he is just as competent as KJ.   We were very proud of him.


KZ has started on his music therapy.   We rented the CDs and brought the headphones.  All these cost a lot! $$$$$$   The music in the CDs are modified to a certain high frequency that allows the calming music to go beyond the middle ear.  The special headphones are able to transmit the high frequency music to the ear.    I just pray that all these would be money well spend as we are really draining our savings into all these intervention programs.


We are offloading some of our luxury assets to ease our spending on the children.   The first one to go will be Chairman’s BMW.   The boys were proud of the BMW.   i told them, we still have each other.  We still have family even we don’t have BMW.   They nodded and understood that family is our best asset.


I was not brought up emphasising on academically.   I want to ensure my kids are so too.  Life is stress enough, the children do not need an overly kaisu mother to add more stress.   I want them to enjoy art as a fun and relaxing activity.


KJ did well in his examinations and also in sports.   He brought back two trophies on Sport Day.

Learning what is Sensory Processing Disorder:

When KJ was pulling his undies at the crotch area, i thought it was an awful bad habit.  It turned out to be tactile defensive behaviour.  When KZ was extremely particular about how the seams on his socks should sit on his feet, i thought he was being overly fussy.  It turned out to be tactile defensive behaviour.   I sourced the net and found seamless undies and seamless socks.   It solved the above problems like magic.    I am always impressed with how i can find things that i want to look for.    🙂

i have been reading alot abt SPD.   I learnt alot.   In the last two months, i learnt more knowledge than i ever did in one year in school.   I wish i got more time to do reading.  I wish the library can extend more days for my loan.

I also wish i am a stupid old fool who knows nothing….

A trip to the Zoo:

I drove the boys to the zoo, by myself!!!!  This was one of the very few times that i drove beyond Woodlands or Tampines.   hahaha…

The boys had a wonderful time completing the Zoolypix Games.   We will do it again soon.

If you are reading the re-write of this entry and wonder why….

i was trying to do some editing and WordPress just deleted the whole of my entry except the first paragraph.   I was very upset that i had to rewrite this again.


smart enough? May 31, 2011

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KZ was caught carrying Princess onto a green kid’s chair while trying to put her down in the play pen.

i was furious.   Because just 5 min ago, i just scolded KJ for carrying Princess.   And i had warned everyone not to touch and hold mei mei ever again.  They are too young to take her weight.   i ran after him with a cane.   My house is not big, but i had a very hard time chasing after him.   Ever since he was diagnosed with SPD, i seldom activated my cane.  However, this issue was simply too serious to let go with just a warning.

i chased and chased… i simply could not hit him.  So panting like a tired tigress, i negotiated with my little prey that i needed to cane his hands because he must register that what he did was wrong.   I must cane him else he was not going to sleep on his bed.

He cried and asked “but mummy, why must you cane my hands?”

i answered “because you used your hands to carry mei mei!  i have already told you many times that you are too young to carry mei mei!”

He cried and asked, “but mummy, why must you cane two hands?”

i answered, “because you used two hands to carry mei mei!”

He cried and asked again, “but mummy, mei mei will fall down if i used only one hand!”


no wonder that MOH was saying that i am not smart enough for my children.


It’s Princess 1st Birthday May 26, 2011

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Yes!!! it has been 365 days already!!!!   My little girl is ONE year old.

We had a grand party.   Grand because this is the first time i planned such a big party.   We had two groups of guests.   First group involved Chairman’s family side and our dear neighbours.   2nd group involved my family members and friends.

This is also the first time I invited the Tan family (Leo’s cousins).   They are very united siblings.   All of them gave “face” to attend the little girl’s first birthday party.   Neighbours and friends were also invited.   We had an enjoyable day, while Princess was just bewildered to see sooo many people smiling at her and queueing to carry her.

we did not have any cake cutting ceremony during the party.   Her actual birthday was on Sunday.   My helper made a easy sponge cake (with cream cheese and blue berries) for her.  We had a simple cake cutting crememony while KZ was snoring in the room (he was too tired from the party on the day before).


Shirley’s Booties… fit for a princess April 2, 2011

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so thick skinned hor….

i have been busy making booties for Princess.

I got the templates long time ago, but just could not find the time to start on it.   Now that Princess is standing and pulling everything on her feet, it is difficult to put on these cute booties on her feet.

My friend, Roz named them Shirley’s Booties and asked me to make and sell…hahaha