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Have not been posting … December 2, 2011

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that does not mean that i have not been writing….

even with my imperfect writing skill and broken English, writing in this blog has been one of my venting outlets (sometimes, it is the only one i got).   Lately, i have written quite a few that were not posted.  i have been penning down my feelings and yet have not the courage to click on the Publish button.

Also haven been busy with the boys and the Princess.   (That reminds me that i have not been updating her photo blog too!  -.-lll )

Since the school holidays begin, KZ has been skipping school.  Well, he is in the childcare, so there is not such thing as school holidays.  However, since KJ is not schooling, i also pulled KZ out of school to enjoy the holidays.   We went swimming, feasting at Ahjisan Noodle shop, playing Animal Kaiser, going Ikea, baking cup cakes, making cookies, etc

For the past week, Princess has been ill.  Her nose was so blocked that she had not been drinking milk (difficult to suck with a blocked nose).  She lost her chubby cheeks in less than a week.   She has not been sleeping well too.  I have been camping in her room for the past week.   Now, that she is recovering, i just have to play by ear.  If i am lucky, she will sleep thru the night.  If i am not, i will have to camp in her room till morning.   Another to note at, Princess has turned into one red hot chilli padi.   Well, who can blame her?!!!  She has to survive in this jungle with her two elder monkey brothers!

Last monday, i brought my helper to register for her course.   She is starting school in January 2012!!!!  Yippeee!  I am happy for her to have this opportunity.  Hope she is too and will study hard to make full use of this course.   The registrar was kind enough to let us looked thru the name list of the students.  She saw a few fellow Indonesians.  Hope that will put mind at ease that she is not the only Indonesian as the course is quite popular with Filipino domestic helpers.

KJ is going for his Taiji Exchange Competition on this Sunday.  Yes!!!!  his first competition!   It is a pity his father is not going to be there to support him.  Chairman has flew to Shanghai.   He had missed KJ’s start of school year at the beginning of 2011.   He brushed off the “Back to School with Dad” program that the school organised on the 1st day of school.  Then, I was upset but i talked myself out of it by reminding myself that Chairman had to be working very hard to earn a living for the family.   That was the old me.   This time, we had a big fight over his trip to China.  I do not think that anything can be more important than your own son’s first competition!   At last, i lost the fight…  so, this sunday is just me and my camera to support my little hero.   Win or lose, he is already my hero.

KZ had completed level 7 of Jelic Program (for developing “Brain Power Engine”…. anyway, it is just an enrichment to occupy his time).  He is now moved on to MPM, together with KJ.   Proud of his achievement too!  😀


Halloween fun 2011 November 3, 2011

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Yes! We did it again!  Halloween at Woodlands Woodgrove estate.    It was a really crazy day where the boys and girls (mei mei, Dwi and Grandma Yeong) enjoyed.   🙂


it is over October 31, 2011

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examinations.  phew…. i thought i was done with textbooks and numbers calculation when i framed up my scroll.  Apparently – not.  🙂

coaching started early this year.   His work is getting harder.  At Pri 2, he is required to do fraction (adding and subtracting with diff denominators), volume, weight, problem sums that tested on English more than Math (???), 看图写段 (writing short composition), etc.   I could go on, but i really don’t want to scare mummies with young children… hahaha.   (i am mean, right???!!!!)

His weakest subject is Mother Tongue (MT).  So 2 weeks back, he has been practising his chinese vocabulary.   One chapter on each weekday, two chapters on weekends or PH.   Lucky, we managed to cover all chapters (total 22 chapters) in two weeks.  Cover – does not means conquering the text.  Just cover…. hahaha… already, this has been tough for him.   Then he was made to memorize phrases for the composition.   (who? ME! I made him memorized lah!!)     this is important for the composition to gain marks.  Now, teachers do not have the patience to develop genuine quality, they just want results fast.

I planned a schedule for his preparation work.  I used to have my own schedule for my examination planning.  It worked before and it will work again.  As a schedule tells me whether i have sufficient time to cover all subjects adequately.   I told him that as long as he followed my schedule religiously, he will be safe.   Not score but safe.   If he wants better results, then he has to do more than what i had planned for him.   🙂

I did not get any past years papers for him to do.   What for?  when he could not even finish his own revision books.   I had looked through his work in school and targeted at his weak points instead.   I repeatedly emphasised to him that i do not look at his score.  I just want the best he can do for me.   Though, i told him strictly that i do not tolerate careless mistakes.   I will consider punishment for careless mistakes.   😛

I took comfort at the thoughts that the IM training, I put him through, works.   So, this worth every penny that i spent on him.   He is more able to sit down and concentrate.  and thru the training, i am also blessed to receive knowledge to guide and coach him thru his examination preparation.   i gave him many breaks in-between his revision.   During the breaks, he was to “push the wall”, jump on the trampoline, do “bear walk”, do tug of war (with me!!!).   These help to boost his concentration and energy.   All activities must be done with  caution and with the right quantity (or dosage).   Too little – no effect.   Too much – over hyper.

We do not do food breaks or tv breaks, which are the usual breaks that kids received.   I find that these will slow down the brain process.

We finally made it thru… phew… next year, there will be additional subject, Science.   Keeping my fingers crossed.   😛


exam fever October 19, 2011

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my friends, pls forgive my lack of entry… i am busy preparing for examination.

There are these 4 days of PSLE-marking days where primary school kids do not need to attend school.  Most parents will drill (or grill) their kids during these 4 days.   For KJ’s school, first paper starts on next Monday.   i think some school starting their exam after the PH on 26 Oct.

As i am preparing KJ for his examination, i am also doing revision (else, how do i answer his queries?!!!!)




我能当孟母吗? October 13, 2011

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Sometimes, i do wonder why i am so “hardworking” chauffeuring my two boys to their enrichment classes.    As they aged, their schedules differ more.   Meaning i have to run two different schedules for the two boys.  I wonder what happens when Princess’s turn is here.

With their therapies and enrichment classes, i am using up my jewelleries (yes, i am addicted to selling gold…i wonder what happens when everything is used up…).   i am very tired too.  Physically.   There were times i wish i could never wake up from my sleep.

Whenever, KZ reciting his 3-word chant 《三字经》, on hearing about 孟母  , i will think that even she could move house 3 bloody times for  孟子, so that he could be in a better environment for his development, my issues become too small even to talk about.

i do not need my sons to be the 孟子 of this century, i just want them to be able to contribute to the society.  Period.    To be a useful person.

That is the wish of a tired mother. 



Smart enough (part 2) July 5, 2011

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Previously i added into their favourite folder of IE.

After finding that they were too engrossed into shooting games than other more kiddy games, i removed the bookmarks from their Favourite folder.   And i told them so.

One day later, KZ was at his PC gaming (with permission and time restriction) in Gamenode again.   I was surprised.   I asked him how did he get Gamenode out.  He gave a sly smile and continue gaming.   KJ too smile sheepishly.   i was too busy to pursue at that point of time.

Another day, KJ and KZ too was in Gamenode.    I was stunned.   Again, i was too busy to check on it.

Today, while i was coaching KJ with his Math, and KZ was allowed time on his PC.   Knowing KZ was too addicted to Gamenode than anything else, i prewarned him to tell me how did he get into Gamenode after i deleted it from his Favourite.

KZ: ” Oh…. i just …”

KJ: “Nooooo!!!!! didi dun tell mama!!!!!!”

KZ: “Oh! OK.  Mama, i cannot tell you.”

Mama: “later i will check your computer.  If i see it, i will DELETE it AGAIN!”

KJ: “Mama, even if you delete it away, i will just spell it loh…    So easy!  i will also teach didi how to spell it!   kekekeke….”

Sensing my mood, he was so daring in his speech of defiant.

The two smart alecks were lucky this time and i am still not smart enough for them.


smart enough? May 31, 2011

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KZ was caught carrying Princess onto a green kid’s chair while trying to put her down in the play pen.

i was furious.   Because just 5 min ago, i just scolded KJ for carrying Princess.   And i had warned everyone not to touch and hold mei mei ever again.  They are too young to take her weight.   i ran after him with a cane.   My house is not big, but i had a very hard time chasing after him.   Ever since he was diagnosed with SPD, i seldom activated my cane.  However, this issue was simply too serious to let go with just a warning.

i chased and chased… i simply could not hit him.  So panting like a tired tigress, i negotiated with my little prey that i needed to cane his hands because he must register that what he did was wrong.   I must cane him else he was not going to sleep on his bed.

He cried and asked “but mummy, why must you cane my hands?”

i answered “because you used your hands to carry mei mei!  i have already told you many times that you are too young to carry mei mei!”

He cried and asked, “but mummy, why must you cane two hands?”

i answered, “because you used two hands to carry mei mei!”

He cried and asked again, “but mummy, mei mei will fall down if i used only one hand!”


no wonder that MOH was saying that i am not smart enough for my children.