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where is my Friday’s date? September 15, 2011

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Nope we have not been dating since last Friday.  And we will not be going out tomorrow too.

My boss is not in town.  So we will miss 2 Fridays.

The Friday before the last, we did manage to sneak out.    Since my helper was not around, i sent the boys to my father’s place for the weekend and we went out for dinner with a beautiful lightbulb.


幸福 August 20, 2011

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saw this phrase on facebook and found it very touching and true…


Yesterday while we were out makan (Friday Nite!!!), i was telling him that i wasn’t entirely upset about his fall.   Recently, he has been apologising for our predicament.     Yes, we were used to a certain standard of lifestyle, but we can adapt to whatever the situation is bestowed on us.    Most importantly, the unity of family must be strong so  that we can go thru this together.    Everyone is sure to fall at sometime of their lives.    I rather he fell now, then he would fall later of greater height and greater impact.   At least, he has learnt his lesson now and still able to pull himself up again.   Now, what i can do is to take away any unnecessary distraction so that he can concentrate on his work and to build up his business again.   i just hope my mental is strong enough to pull me thru without any meltdown (mine, not KZ!!! hahahaha).   That is why, i am still baking, baking and baking.   i need to fill myself up to the brim so that i got no breath to think otherwise.

19 August, Friday, we went to Macpherson Road to eat 粿汁.   We used to eat this during my uni days.   He would drive to campus to pick me up in the middle of the night (sshhhhh…… my mum dun know leh), and we would sneak out of campus to look for stewed pig intestines.  hahaha  so romantic hor…. Oh, but this Macpherson Road store got deep fried pig intestine….. er…. you either love it or hate it lah… personal taste.


It is Friday again August 13, 2011

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Two weeks ago, we went to Paulaner Bräuhaus and Restaurant at Millenia Walk.   The dinner brought back tons of memories (haha… not with Chairman thou… but with my ex-bosses).   So long ago, yet so vividly clear.

Last week, we gave our date a miss because we got family gathering.    Yesterday, Friday again, we went to Boat Quay.   We had Waraku Curry then Coffee Club for dessert.


TGIF July 25, 2011

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are you curious where we went for our dating last friday…

Orchard Central.

i have never been there before.  Never heard of it before.  (SERIOUS!)  Once i stepped in, i was looking curiously around like a 土包子.   Mr Chairman seemed to know the place very well.  Where were the lifts, the food, the shops…. in another word, he knew the place very well.   i casually mentioned that.   He said i was so suah ku….  ???   And should i be asking WHY am i so suah ku????!!!!!!   Sometimes, men think that SAHMs are so fucking free.   (sorry for my language but can’t help it)

They think we can drop everything, kids, household chores, and just go out like that!   i know they CAN!   But can we?   we have thousands and one strings with fishing hooks pierced to our hearts and pulling it constantly in every direction.   Can we be so free and easy?   Sometimes, i wish i am so 放得下….

anyway, not to spolit my cheerful mood, i brushed his stupid comment aside.   We had dinner at Spageddies and coffee at Spinelli.    We talked again about his troubled business.    We left Orchard Central about 11pm.   He dropped me off at the void deck and speeded off to meet his friend for part 2.    i walked home alone after our “hot” date… wat a night!

Well, he did call me to check whether i reached home safely… ;P      (just to make sure i dun have my own part 2!!!  😛 )