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egg sushi April 11, 2011

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i have been burying myself in the library while the children are having enrichment classes – cheapest (no cost) way to kill time.

found this book by local authors, Anna Jacob and Ng Hooi Lin.

this egg sushi is an adaption of one recipe found in this fantastic book.   i did not want to use raw salmon for kids, so i used egg instead.

a lot of easy and asian recipes for kids.


me slacking? February 17, 2011

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i have been a bit slack in my posting.

partly due to my mood swing and secondly due to a new phone.   Mr Chairman got me a iphone and “forced” me to use it.

Yes, me the ungrateful bitch, i said “forced”.

i dun like high ended  techology gadget phones.   i know what’s my qualifications (Chairman always uses this to taunt me).  But now i prefer simplicity.   i need a phone to CALL and TAKE PICTURES.  That’s all.  Full stop.

After using the iphone, i am lost.   i dun know how to compose message, how to save pictures into my pc, how to upload my fav songs to my phone, etc.   i have been feeling handicup for the last few days.   However, i was not born stupid.   i am learning and coping with this new phone.   And Mr Chairman has been most patient with me by helping to setup fb and email in the iphone.    Hopefully i can handle it by end of this week.

i got my new oven.  But i can’t show you yet.  (dun know how to save pictures to my computer)

i want to show you Princess’s first poop in potty.  (already up in facebook)

i want to show you more of Princess’s pictures.  (hmmm…. same reason)

hopefully, next post i got pictures up and going.

Another thing is that, now, with my capable maid cooking all meals, i hardly needed in the kitchen to do experiments.   Thus, Mama’s Kitchen has not been updating for the longest time.  i will do so soon.

My maid, thou, is very good in cooking, she is not daring to experiment new recipes.  She is doing repeative dishes which i had taught her.  By now, she is also running out of ideas and has been asking what we want to eat instead of planning the meals herself.    i am not blaming her.   Having able to plan and prepare our meals for the past 8 or 9 months (since the arrival of Princess), she must have exhausted all her brain juice.   She is a gem that is so hard to find.  i appreciate her hardwork and will miss her when her contract ends at the end of this year….


Mushroom soup with pastry top August 19, 2009

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i used two cans of Heinz Mushroom Soup (frankly, i prefect Baxter Mushroom Potage.  But it was out of stock).


Heat it up.   Add more mushrooms as desired.
Pour into a stoneware bowl.  Set aside.


i got these Already-buttered Pastry Dough from Cold Storage (Shop n Save dun have OK!!!)
Cut into circular shapes.    Put the circular pastry over the soup bowl.
you can swipe the pastry with beaten egg before sending it into the oven of 180-200 degree Celsius for about 15min.


WAHLAH!!!!!  you got urself a nice bowl of soup with crusty pastry top.




猪长粉 zhu chang fen August 14, 2009

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fried the crab balls (imitation) and mushroom.  Seasoned as per desired. 
you can prepare your ingredients to your own liking, example, ham, cha chew, minced pork, whatever.

gently unwrapped the zhu chang fen and place the fried ingredients in the chang fen.

wrapped it up again.  Taking note to be as gentle as you can… else you will break the delicate chang fen.

Steamed the chang fen for 10 min.

As for the sauce, add oil, soya sauce and sugar to gentle heat.   Pour the heated sauce on the zhu chang fen.  

i know i can buy this outside, but making homemade ones created the joy of eating.

KJ took 2 long ones.


Stew Pig Trotter August 5, 2009

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Blanch in boiling water for 10 min.   Wash the trotter.

Put them trotter in the oven.  200degree celcious for 20min.

1 onion
celery stalks
garlic clove
buttom mushrooms


Put the trotter in and slow fire for 3 hours.   Put some hard boiled eggs in to make the dish complete.

sorry.  no final photos taken.   too hungry that i forgot to snap pictures.


Apple Bitter Gourd Soup August 3, 2009

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OK!!!  enough of lousy news!!!!!!!!!!!!! before people start to scare me with ghosts and spirits talk.   ( personally, i think people are more scary than ghosts and spirits!)


Apple Bitter Gourd Soup.


one bitter gourd
2 apples
2 carrots
1 onion
pork ribs
kun bu (sea weed) (boil for 15min only before removing)

this soup is for the cooling effects (bitter gourd), but not so bitter because of the apples.  clever huh? 🙂


Steamed Cod Fish


Stacked cod fish on top of toufu
Spread this japanses mushrooms on top of fish
nice ;p


wholemeal bread for alpha May 12, 2009

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i made this for the health conscious alpha on Mother’s Day.   🙂